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Wedding Planning Chat and Live Q&A

Join us for a 75 minute chat on all things planning your wedding. We know there is so much information from your friends and family and then all the contradicting information you get online. We want to give you the tools to best prepare you to plan your own wedding. 

What You Can Expect

Come with an open mind and all the questions you can think of. 

Creating a Foundation

We will discuss how to go about choosing your venue, how to budget, handling conflicting personalities, and much more.

Overcoming Obstacles

Having talked with over 1000 couples, we have heard it all and have created tools on how to handle any potential mistep or setbacks.

Free Downloads

After participating in the webinar you will receiver spreadsheets for planing, vendor tips, guest csv, table and seating arrangements.

Newly Wed Couple

" No one should ever feel alone going through something that's supposed to feel so special "

$55 gets you $400 of value

Sign up for a Chat and Live Q&A and you will get a free 30 minute 1:1 Chat to talk through your specific wedding planning needs as well as an extended free trial period on your Rella Subscription to the planning platform. This is in addition to all the free downloaded plantain templates you will get after the webinar.

Save Your Spot

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