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How Rella works

From guest list to budget,

to-do's delegated to your fiancé -

we've thought all about your dreams

so we give you tools to bring them to life. 

Complete onboarding

Your timing, budget & personality. The simple q's your best-friend planner should know. 

Get your dashboard 

In seconds, we take all your responses to cook up your personal dashboard

Build your vision

Your dashboard will lead the way, keep you on track and make life your wedding building easel  

Never feel alone

Whether a big wedding or

small, 4 months away or 12,

we here for you 24/7

Why is Rella so special? ​

Our planning platform is the only one dedicated solely to your happiness and peace of mind.

Say so long to managing 6 web apps, unending emails and lost text messages -

we have everything in one simple place 

From ring to honeymoon, we are your trusted other  better half. 

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        Imagine.             Build.           Celebrate.

Planning dashboard

You're in control.

Your dashboard lets you quickly see everything that's going on - your weekly tasks list, budget, RSVP summary, and more. Know what you need to do, step by step, based on your situation. Don't worry, we've got your back. 


As inclusive as you want. 

Share the fun and take some weight off your shoulders. Delegate tasks, share ideas and communicate directly with the people that matter most. Give your bridesmaids the reigns to plan your bachelorette.

Personal wedding expert

Always available for you.

Connect 1x1 with your designated, personal wedding expert whenever you need. From specific questions - design, family dynamics, guest favors - or if you're just in need of a good chat, anything goes. 


Budget & guest manager

Never (ever) lose track.

Organization is key to owning this process. Our tools are not just interconnected, but flexible and supportive. From automated budget, to guest and RSVP tracking to managing your simple notes, everything is tidy, central and customizable. 

Advice & inspiration

Be inspired. 

Receive custom tips advice, straight to you from our wedding experts.  Sync your Pinterest boards and gather your inspo at your finger tips.

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Insert fun!

Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate.

The hardest part is over: you’ve chosen your person. To ensure you never lose sight of the bigger picture, we've inserted moments of fun, celebration and togetherness at every milestone & at random, 'cause why not!