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  • What is your pricing?
    Webinars at $55/per. Reserve Your Spot 1x1 Sessions are $175/per 60 minutes. Book a Session We have additional packages (w/ discounts) I'd be happy to share!
  • How can we work together?
    Two main ways! I work directly, one on one with couples providing both conversational and digital support and guidance. I also run Private, live Q&As with couples discussing everything from planning essentials to navigating family drama!
  • Can I join your newsletter?
    We would love for you to join our community, feel free to sign up here! Add link
  • What can I expect with the Webinar
    On our Wedding Planning Chats and Live Q&A's we will talk all about what it takes to plan a wedding from ring to honeymoon. We want to best prepare couples on how to make decisions all the way on how to handle conflict with your family. We know this is new for everyone and being prepared for the unexpected will help make planning run a little more smoothly. There will be hiccups in the road and having the tools to on hand to continue forward is the different between being able to enjoy the planning process and just clouting down the days until its over.
  • Do I need a planning companion?
    I believe you are more than capable of navigating planning on your own! However, if you're someone who believes they would benefit from the support and guidance of someone who has not only helped hundreds of couples plan, but has dealt with and created framework to confidently navigate and grow from the emotional rollercoaster that is wedding planning, personally, let's plan together :)
  • Are you accepting new clients
    Yes! I want to support as many couples as I physically can Let's chat! If I am fully booked, I'll let you know.
  • What do I get by working with Rella?
    You'll get a direct, honest and detailed understanding of what planning a wedding truly entails. You'll get thoughtful insights, tried and tested playbooks and of course all our guides and planning templates! One on one couples also get access to our own specially built planning platform!
  • How do I get access to the Rella planning platform?
    Through our private, one on one work together, you will get access to our proprietary planning software (and yes it's way better and wayyyy less frusterating than excel!)
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