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About Us

Our Manifesto

The band plays its final encore,  

the cake platter gets its final lick.

Our feet can hardly stand another dance,  

our cheeks are sore from grinning.

Somehow, we think,

we pulled this brilliant thing off.


It was a wedding for the ages.

Full of reveries and revelries, the eve of our new traditions.

And more than being picture-perfect, it was us-perfect.

Because from the moment we got engaged to the band’s last song, it had our every touch.

It was us in our beautiful, messy, quirky way,  

not Pinterest’s prepackaged way.

It was fluid and peaceful and rhythmic,  

not robotic like a spreadsheet.

No nosy, pushy in-laws, and no overpriced planner.

Just us from start to finish.

We considered every accent, made every moment purposeful

and gathered the people we adore:

the late-night-singing champs, the open-bar opportunists, the straight-to-the-hors d’oeuvres-types, the eye-dabbers.

The ooh-ers and ahhh-ers

and the by-your-side-no-matter-what’ers.

And everyone in between who made the scene a scene.

Allow us to introduce our (other) better half, the one who got us here. Meet Rella.

Rella makes weddings more about the “us,” and less about the “what.”

Because the wedding, ultimately, is not about the cake.

It’s about the ones who eat it.

We don’t plan weddings.

We build them.

From your imagination, love, and intention.

Because to us, weddings are about a feeling.

Like joy. Togetherness. Endless good forever-kind-of-feels.

The kind of romping good time you’ll tell your kids about.

(And it’s allllll powered by a single, intuitive, no-nonsense platform).

Because feelings like that start with peace of mind & confidence.

The hardest part is over: you’ve chosen your person.  Your rock, partner, “sig-o”, better half, best friend.

And now, you can combine your worlds with ease and confidence.


Rella builds you a wedding that honors that bond.  

That big, wonderful, world-colliding bond.

And we’re doing it to your exact dimensions.

Rella. Weddings for the people.

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Jesse Link

Rella role: Co-Founder and CEO (…and twin brother)

To me, Rella is: Everyone’s favorite ‘third wheel’. You know, the friend who’s always there to lighten the mood with a joke, a shoulder to cry on, and just the right words to keep you moving forward.

I know it’s a little weird but: My favorite sound is a cork getting pulled from a bottle of wine.

My biggest guilty pleasure is: Blasting early days T-Swift & Shania Twain ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


If you asked my mom to describe me, she’d say I am: Passionate w/ my heart on my sleeve, driven, warm, adventurous, animated, opinionated, & sarcastic.

The best love advice I’ve ever gotten was: From Will Ferrell. "Before you marry a person, you should first make them use a computer with slow Internet service to see who they really are."

If I went to the airport and picked any flight it would be to: Kyoto 

The perfect date is: Conversation that flows from laughter to spirited debate to life goals over a great bottle of wine (or 3).

Arielle Brown

Nickname: Ari, Shrimp

Rella role: Co-Founder and Creative Head (…and twin sister)

To me, Rella is:  That one friend you turn to when you need advice. I so wish Rella was ready to launch when I was planning my wedding. I had a stressful go of it … I had to change my venue midway through, and then COVID hit … we ended up having a Zoom wedding! Rella would honestly have made everything so much easier. I’m so happy we can finally share it with other couples and make sure their planning process is easy and fun!

You know someone is perfect for you when: It’s a pandemic and you have to cancel your wedding … but you still get married on Zoom!

Before Rella, I was: A graphic designer with a focus on luxury products, apparel, and the healthcare industry. I also created the best-selling wedding planning series Perfect Little Planner - the precursor to Rella!

My biggest guilty pleasure is: Trashy reality TV

If you pulled up next to me at a stoplight, you’d see me belting out the lyrics to: Let’s be honest. You’d roll up your windows so you don’t have to listen to me butchering songs!

I know it’s a little weird, but: I am a total klutz and could trip and fall on flat land.


The perfect date is: Dinner in a park followed by a nice walk to get ice cream.

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