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Wedding planning worth celebrating!

Control your mess. 
Save your time. 
Keep your sanity.

all with a smile :)

Meet the wedding planning solution that’s simple, supportive and (finally) built for you!

Empowering you to build with the people you love and the peace of mind you deserve.

Currently engaged? JOIN OUR PILOT!

From the team that brought you the Amazon best selling wedding planning book - Perfect Little Planner

At Rella, we believe once you’ve found your ‘someone’
the hard part 
should be over

...but as
we all know it’s not, wedding planning is really *bleepin'* hard!

Until now…

Meet Rella, your digital & real-life

planning partner.


Structure you need.

Expertise you desire.

Personal touch you deserve.


From weekly tasks and notes to focusing on a single event, plan the way that's best for you.

Make planning inclusive. From your wedding expert to your bridesmaids or mother-in-law - communicate, share, and even delegate.



Track everything (we mean everything) from our simple dashboard.

We believe every milestone is worth celebrating and we don't skip the opportunity for enjoyment and fun.



Plan together. On your time.
With the people who matter most.

What our couples are saying…

“I went from 17 excel tabs and 6 different group chats to Rella. I moved all of that mess into one place. I felt like I could breathe again.”

- Not not Type-A bride,
Jessica (26)

not not type a.jpg

“Collaborating on Rella made it soo simple to keep our very loving (overbearing) parents up to date on everything. We could even make them feel involved by assigning them tasks straight from the platform!”

- Momma’s boy groom,
Marc (33)

Guy head shot.jpg

"Honestly, we were miserable, arguing constantly over the littlest things. But Rella's celebratory milestones was just the reminder we needed. We  got back to having fun and remembering what our love was all about!" 

- Hate to compromise bride,
   Stella (29)

non comprosmising bride.jpg
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The way planning should be...all about the 'us' and less about the 'what'.

Rella feet.png

So what are you waiting for?
Your dream wedding awaits!

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