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The first step
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your forever!

Let's plan together! 

Welcome to Rella!

Your wedding companion giving you the guidance, resources and support to confidently plan with peace of mind!

88% of couples have the exact same planning struggles as you! 

Our genuine wedding planning support helps real couples better manage what they can control, while being extra prepared for what they cant. 

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I am Arielle


Hi There

In the last couple years I've spent thousands of hours chatting with over a 1000 engaged couples. I've written four best selling wedding planning books and am now bringing to you a better way to help you confidently plan!

I've learned that couples, above all else, truly need someone they can turn to. Someone who believes in them and will be there to offer genuine, honest support!    

Wedding planning is so much more than inspo boards and checklists! I navigated my own, let's call it 'action' filled wedding! I faced very real and on going family drama, an ever tightening budgetinsecurity and doubt. Oh ya and it then happened in COVID! 

Arielle Brown, Co-Founder of Rella
& Author of Perfect Little Planner 

So I see and feel your struggles - just think of me like your other other half, here to give you the peace of mind you deserve. 

What we Offer

Live Q&A

Private Live Q&A Discussions!

Exploring the tools + strategies you need to navigate all of planning & make the best decisions for YOU !!!

Let's Plan Together, Literally!

1-on-1 Guidance & Support'

Receive my undivided and dedicated support for all things planning, including all my personal planning templates! 

Personal Planning Platform

Manage and navigate all your
planning in one space!

Rella Dash Laptop.png

Some of the topics we cover...

  • Discovering your non-negotiables 

  • Preparing for and managing your emotions

  • Common roadblocks, mistakes and ways to solve!

  • Budget savvy tips and tricks!

Plus much more! 

How we'd spend our time together!​

  • Build a planning process that works for you!

  • Learn tried and trusted playbooks to navigating any 'roadblock'!

  • Track and manage planning using my proprietary tools, including the Rella platform!

  • Feeling reassured that nothing will fall through the cracks

And so much more!...

Bride and Groom in Nature

Imagine the confidence and control you'd feel if you've done hundreds of these. Feels great right? 
Good, cause that's what you get with me! :)

“Rella literally eased my stressed” 

Hand holding.png

How'd we get here? 

Our time spent with hundreds of couples made one thing very clear, couples feel alone while planning ... this emotional void is quite real.

There's a real sense pressure; you've likely never done this before, and ironically the people you turn to for help first, family & friends, are often major causes of stress!


Rella was built to offer couples the resources and genuine support to never feel that way again....because we know wedding planning is way more than basis checklists and inspo boards. 

So it's nice to meet you, just view me as your personal wedding companion here to help you navigate everything planning can throw your way! 

Webinar Links

Join the Live Chat and Q&A

So excited for you to join us, regardless of where you are on your wedding journey - we'll have you feeling confident about navigating wedding planning!

Flower Decorations

“Can’t believe I tried planning without Arielle's help!”


We are your other, other half.

"The struggle is real and we all feel it. 80% of couples admit planning has hurt some of their closest relationships. They are overwhelmed, isolated and feel they have no safe place to turn. That's what I'm changing with Rella. No more feeling of loneliness. No one should ever feel alone going through something that's supposed to feel so special! 

- Arielle 

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Welcome to Rella!

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